Each member of our family is so different, like individual components of a symphony. But, like a symphony, each part is important to the overall structure and sound of the piece. We all work together to make a beautiful sound...our family. Just as the Lord knit us together in the womb, He is now knitting us together as a family, for His glory, outside the womb.

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Saturday, November 17, 2012

Get Your Gobble On!

We hosted our annual college Thanksgiving dinner at our house this past Thursday for the college students in our church.  There were about 15 guests and they were, as usual, very fun and gracious.  My potatoes were way too garlicky and my gravy was more like mayonnaise in consistency, but nobody said anything or drew attention to them.
The "Fruit Gobbler" joined us again, this year!  I believe he is now a Thanksgiving tradition around our house.
I simplified the meal a little this year because we had a lot of leftovers last year.  This year's feast consisted of a turkey, gravy, cranberry sauce, green bean casserole, rolls, mashed potatoes and stuffing.
For dessert, Ruth, from church, made us an apple and a pumpkin pie (delicious!) and I made a chocolate chip walnut pie.  Yum!
We didn't have as many leftovers, this year, but enough to save for our actual Thanksgiving so that I don't have to cook a whole other feast.  The kids even liked the food! Woo-hoo!
I am thankful that the Lord has blessed us with these wonderful people! Happy Thanksgiving!

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  1. You are simply amazing! It was a feast worth repeating. Thank you so much for all of the hard work and love that you pour into serving our family as well as our church family. I agree, we are blessed to be surrounded by such wonderful humans!