Each member of our family is so different, like individual components of a symphony. But, like a symphony, each part is important to the overall structure and sound of the piece. We all work together to make a beautiful sound...our family. Just as the Lord knit us together in the womb, He is now knitting us together as a family, for His glory, outside the womb.

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Friday, April 15, 2011

Laughing Baby Girls

Up top is 5 month old, Cadence, laughing for the first time. Down below is 4 month old, Aria, laughing for the first time. I think Aria laughed sooner because she had Cadence and Finn entertaining her. Cadence only had Pugsley. Though he's a funny dog, he's no match for Cadence and Finn throwing a balloon in the air. Unfortunately, I don't have a video of Finn's first laugh, but he sure has a good, hearty laugh now!

Don't you just love the sound of baby laughter?


  1. Pugsley is quite the comedian! I love that video of five month old Cadence and Aria is a joker, too!
    Yes, baby laughter is sent from heaven. LOVE YOU!

  2. Awesome! I have two pugs and they sure know how to make people laugh!


  3. I came over from Pom Pom's to see the laughing babies. SWEET! There's just nothing like it. You have the cutest Littles.


  4. Makes me smile!! Thank you for sharing.