Each member of our family is so different, like individual components of a symphony. But, like a symphony, each part is important to the overall structure and sound of the piece. We all work together to make a beautiful sound...our family. Just as the Lord knit us together in the womb, He is now knitting us together as a family, for His glory, outside the womb.

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Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Finn's Turn

 Today, Finn got to have his turn at going to a farm class.  My dad was so wonderful and agreed to help me drive him since the times overlapped with my bible study group and Cadence's preschool.

So, off the boys went to the farm!  My dad dropped Finn off for an hour and then took him to a couple of playgrounds afterwards.  He packed a great lunch for him, it must have been good because Finn ate 2 sandwiches.  They played on the playground and threw rocks into the City Park Lake.
Finn got to bring a brown egg home, just like Cadence.  It sounds like he had a great time and will be ready to return next week!


  1. Oh, Finn! He's such a cutie pie! Your dad is AWESOME! I bet that lunch WAS yummy!