Each member of our family is so different, like individual components of a symphony. But, like a symphony, each part is important to the overall structure and sound of the piece. We all work together to make a beautiful sound...our family. Just as the Lord knit us together in the womb, He is now knitting us together as a family, for His glory, outside the womb.

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Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Women of Faith

This past weekend, my mom invited me to go to the Women of Faith Conference with her.  It was a great time!  The conference was very good, but the highlight of the weekend was hanging out with my mom.  I love her!  She is an amazing woman, mother and friend and Christ just radiates through her.  We went down Friday afternoon and then stayed the night at the Westen Hotel, on the 16th street mall.  It was a very nice hotel with comfy beds.  Too bad we couldn't enjoy it longer.
My mom had an extra ticket, so we invited my friend, Rachel, to join us.  She is a great lady and was a joy to be around.  I really do enjoy her and miss being able to see her more often.  We lived near each other in Lakewood.

There were several great speakers, my favorite being Marilyn Meberg, but the highlight of the actual conference was getting to see and listen to Amy Grant.  She gave a short concert Saturday afternoon, but I wished I could have heard more from her.  She seems to have a quiet, more subdued personality, especially compared to the other speakers, and that appeals to me.  Who knows if that is true, but that's what I like to imagine.  Seeing her brought back memories of me watering the brown patches of my dad's lawn while listening to Amy Grant cassette tapes on my walkman.  I like her more folksy/country sound.  She makes me think of Rich Mullins, who is another singer/personality I love.
In summary, a great weekend, a fun conference and two fabulous friends!

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  1. Sounds like a wonderful and encouraging time with your sweet mom and friend. I look forward to hearing more about it!